The Founders

Meet Deborah and Michelle, the dynamic mother/daughter duo behind Align Yoga.


Co-Founder & Owner

Michelle is a 500hr certified yoga instructor with a positive, approachable energy that instantly makes you feel welcome. Her teaching moves the body in a balanced way guiding students to feel strong in their body, steady in their mind, and refreshed both on and off the mat.

Michelle has experienced firsthand how a consistent yoga practice provides physical, mental and emotional support for everyday life. “Different days may require different yoga styles – whether it’s a sweaty power flow to move out energy, or a 60-minute restorative practice to destress and recharge, ALIGN YOGA has a class for you.”

Together, they are committed to building a vibrant community that uplifts, empowers, and inspires.


Co-Founder & Owner

Deborah is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and certified Yoga Instructor passionate about helping others live their best lives. She supports women and men in achieving a balanced lifestyle through natural practices such as eating well, movement, and stress management. 

“I Love Yoga.”

Juggling family and work can be both wonderful yet draining. The practice of yoga gives Deborah the opportunity to move and recharge which is an important self-care habit for her overall well being. “I hope you join me on this journey.”

Join the Team

Wellness Practitioner Office Space Available

Our thoughtfully designed and fully equipped practitioner office space is available for lease, providing the ideal environment for you to deliver exceptional care to your clients.

Please contact us directly [email protected]

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