Holistic Nutrition Counselling

Eat Well. Feel Good. Have Fun.

Are you looking to improve digestion, balance your hormones, manage weight, reduce inflammation, or regain your energy? Our Holistic Nutritionist is here to support you.

Like many, we know the struggles of trying to figure out healthy meals yet not always having the energy or time to cook. The temptation to turn towards fast, processed foods often seems easier. Let us teach you how to eat well through meal planning, understanding food labels for best choices, and making easy, delicious recipes the whole family will enjoy.

In addition to nutrition, we believe true health comes from looking at your overall well-being:

Are you sleeping well?
How do you manage your stress?

Both of these elements dramatically impact our bodies. Through the five-pillar approach, we support you in understanding the importance of proper hydration, food quality, optimal sleep, daily movement, and stress management. Feeling good again is possible and we can’t wait to show you how!

The "Kick Start"

$399 1 month commitment

The "Long Haul"

$599 2 month commitment

Client Love

“I came to Deborah with health concerns related to back pain, muscle soreness, and stubborn weight. After following her program, my body is feeling so much better as less stiff.

She made it very clear how eating well-balanced meals throughout the day can really support my physical body and mental clarity.

Not to mention, she is such a kind soul!”

– Tammy S.

It’s so nice to be able to eat food without bloating and constant stomach pain. Thank you Deborah for teaching me how to read food labels to avoid the ingredients that were causing my digestive issues.

Excited to see how sticking to my recommended supplements will continue to heal my gut!”

– Pam M.

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